Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Clever Girl

This is a poem i wrote when i was in front of my study table, pretending to study. This is not exactly a poem. But you should have known that when it is from me! I didn't try to make impression with this p... er... thing! But if you are a girl, please come to gmail chat. I'm always ready to impress you. This is just a silly romantic poem i wrote seriously with my humble heart open to any girl who does have a mobile and free sms of minimum 100 in number*.

This is more like a chat between a boy and girl through mobile short messages. But it was misunderstood to be a poem by the writer, due to all the rhyme and hymn of the material. It might break the heart of the writer, if he knows the thing he poured his heart in turned out to be a coffee shop conversation, rather than a poem. So, let us all enter into an alternate reality through a worm hole, where it would be considered as a poem. Come aboard!

Are you sure you are in love?

Don't you know this is love?

You are loving whom?

It came upon me like a boom.

You are loving... whom!

I afraid, without him life is doom.

By God! Are you sure you are in love?

As hot as a stove!

Then, you love whom?

He Whisked past like Zoom!

Asking out of exasperation, What is your love?

Whiter than a whitest Dove!

What are you trying to say?

Lucid poem, not essay!

Tell me, you love whom?

Are you dumb?

How come?

Unadulterated mud, you have as a brain

If so, how come u call me friend?

This is why, you assume, you are just my friend.

If not friend, what can i be..... it can't be!

Yes, what can you be?

Then, you love....

* - conditions apply. No recharge will be done by the writer, unless I get to see her face. With the lift of section 377 of the law the writer is afraid of many applications from males adulterating his already overwhelming female applications for the post of his girl friend. Audition to be held soon.