Sunday, April 11, 2010

7 things you dont know about me

It has always been interesting to know secret of others. Given opportunity everyone could be a peeping tom or at least eavesdropping Eves. Since I have writer's block now, even though I'm not a writer, I could very well use this opportunity to write something on blog. The problem is I don't have much that others don't know. But, since this cool dude Karthik (link) asked me for the first time I shall write this up.

1. So, here this is for you gossip makers. I have fallen in crush for 4 times so far or Am I missing someone? Whatever! Yeah, they have come and go. But I'm too lazy to follow someone :)

2. Actually, I'm a movie buff. See lot and lot of movies. Tamil, Hollywood, Hindi and even Telugu few times. Movie opens you a new world to exploit. I don't aceept this in open, but i do like profanity in movies. I watched many hollywood movies especially for that too. ;)

3. Everybody thinks I just studied Zoology (I didn't, of course). But I was in Physics for 13 days before that. I just changed to Zoology so that I have more time to enjoy the college life. Cool, eh? Actually, I thought of moving to Vis.Com, which was started in my college only during my second year. If I had, it would have been a different me.

4. I have myself a 'Path of Enlightenment' like the illuminati of 'Angels and Demons'. I used to walk daily. It wasfound by me and a 'long lost friend'. He is not a friend anymore :( . Now, since I shifted my house. I walk down the path with ajay (link) or when I'm lonely. If you have a chance, take a walk with your friends, that is unbeatable.

5. I love coffee. That is just recently. I seem to have addicted to coffee. And chicken. Born vegetarian, eating chicken frequently for last three years. Grill is my most favorable form of chicken.

6. One thing all my friends know Or confused about my ever changing mind. I want to be everything in this world. Sounds like the dialogue of villain in movies right? But, it would be realized sometime. I say this abstractive. Never mind, you would not understand :)

7. Last thing is about my bad habit. I had the habit of checking mirror often. But, reduced now.

I don't want to tag anyone intentionally. But, if he is interested in blogging ajay can do it.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Shall we go for a party?

Men are always quick-pickers. From jockey briefs to future wives, they choose instantly. Men always have a mind for finishing off soon. I believe women like that. Extra time and money could be used to buy their dresses. But in  some cases, Men finishing off soon have led to too many divorces ;). No, I'm not a divorce lawyer or sexologist N.Kannappan(Madurai ad says, 'Lucky hands for 28 years for last 4 years.'  Lucky 'Hands'? whatever.).   When women starts purchasing, accompanying her is the most tough job. Easily it is this endurance test men has to undergo with her girl friend before marriage. And among every other things purchase of dress beats the hell out of man.

There was a woman who went with her husband to buy a silk saree. She asked for a green color saree. When salesman showed her a saree, She said, 'Not this. Lighter shade'. He showed another saree, she said, ' ada, ithu kili pachai. yelakkai pachai venum'(Hey this is parrot green. I need elachi green it.). At last salesman said, 'amma velaikku aagadhu. solunga, companyla order kodupom'(Madam, this wont do. For your need, we have to make a spl. order.) She was like, 'That man talks too much'. She went on around like eight shops in next three hours, ripping the place apart. Finally, the irony of the situation on hand is she would go go back to the first shop and buy the first ever saree she saw. He faints.

You might ask why i am chauvinistic? Because, these kinda jokes are what shopping is for women. We love them a lot. Ironically, this too is a chauvinistic one.

Finally when we ask a women, Shall we go for a party? her thought process would be -

Received as a forward mail
 See, We go straight for booze and bed. Women? I don't have time to explain the whole thought process. It needs Einstein.