Thursday, May 7, 2009

Old men, Rocking chair

Old men, Rocking chair

It rocks
In the cottage
To and fro
Like a boat roped to the abandoned shore
Gentle and silent
A wavering mind
Dithering like pendulum
Over two different ideas

A time warper to an old man
Who becomes reminiscent of his past

Laid near a fire place
He rocks on that chair
With a hot coffee cupped in his hands
Sipping slowly
Nostalgic of callous and fertile past

Laid in a corner
In darkness
Another old man sits,
Numb with cold, with a nippy coffee
Untouched over the table nearby
Reminiscences of a blundered past

As a clever man learns from his past,
An intelligent man learns from others’

- B.பிரபுகுமார்


  1. Thambi... Tamil blog enna aachu???

  2. anda kodumaya yen kekkuringa?

    poye pochu.