Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ghost in my college urinal

I would always think to start like, 'Let me get to the point straight'. But, No, i don't do start like that way. I would love to beat around the bush.

Let me get this straight. Have you ever felt you were being followed when you walk in dark in some unfamiliar places? Have you felt some body breathing behind your neck when you access a deserted atm machine? Or have you tried outrunning something mysterious when you don't have a two-way switch and you had to turn off the light at the top of the stairs and come down in dark? or Have you had a toilet outside your home and you get an urge to piss at post midnight time (Walking hour recommended by ghost doctors for ghosts) but contemplated over going out in a scary night or wetting the bed? or have you ever expected a ghost somewhere when you watch some creepy realistic, drama genre movie? If you can relate to these stuff, you can proceed reading. Others, please get out sir. This blog is just for humans alive, not Zombies.

Now I use a funneling technique to take you to the next level. This way I can get from a broad view and  slowly narrow down to the issue in hand. Next set of question in depth now. Have you seen ghost movies? Hero will be checking out himself in mirror. But even after moving away, the image stays and winks at camera. hmm... Eerie? kay, second scenario. Hero presses the elevator button and waits. Nothing happens. He tortures the button to death. Still nothing. When he goes on to use stairs, the next guy just passes by and  the elevator reaches 'Dung' and opens... 'whoosh'. Chilling your spine a bit now? Wait. Why do I tell these obviously ghost situations? Yes, I'm coming there.

Now I visit the loo in my college. Its a plushly furnished toilet with sensor enabled urinals. Just when I enter the loo, a guy comes out after using a urinal and washing hands. So, I go in and use the urinal nearer to the one he used (Due to the territorial behavior no man uses the same or the one next to the urinal one which was used by other - Fact). And the urinal to the left of me suddenly flushes ~whoosh~. What would you think when somebody used went out and you were half way through and it flushes? That's not it. You may think it is due to the delayed sensor reaction. What if it flushes sometimes even if no body used and you were the first one to enter and use. Now, whaddaya feel? Scary? Or would you be normal when you were having your time in urinal after three straight hours of Financial Management,  with great sigh of relief, your face upwards, eyes closed in relaxation, it flushes, right in front of you ~SPLASH~ leaving wet spots in your pants. It HAUNTS!

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