Saturday, March 19, 2011

Somebody explain this shit

Okay. I accept my mistake and apologize. There is a old saying in my place that, King punishes the very day, but God takes his time. I realize that. I take my penance. But this is too much. I mean, there is a limit to everything from Junk food to Justin Bieber. Oh no, I am not blaspheming against Justin Bieber, Respect. But, it was the start of everything. I never thought of it reaching this level. When I was tweeting about Justin Bieber, it was a joke. Now I know, you don't just make fun of the demigods. Now I got to see this. What is 'this'? Come on I don't have heart to explain this stuff. It is way to heavy stuff for my small brains.

Somebody please explain this shit!

Now, what was that! I thought Justin Bieber was bad. Now I understand why his fans tagged his tweets with #justinbieberisgod tag. They must have know the future. He is at least a demigod, when I see this girl. 'Partying, partying yeah.. Fun Fun Fun Fun, looking forward to the weekend'. Come on, what was that? The most worst part was, 'Yesterday was Thursday, Today it is Friday, Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards'. And the ways sings with her lips open like it has been stretched and tied to her ears. Now I started listening to 'Baby, Baby.. oh.. ooohhh...' wails of the boy. God, its better. They are comparing this 13-year old girl to Justin Bieber and this girl wants a duet with him. One warning Justin, if an idea of doing a duet with her arises in your mind, just kill yourself. It's honorable.


Harakiri, Good. Rebecca Black, Not good.

AAhh... It's always fun to rip on others... Sweet!

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  1. " Friends in the back seat
    Friends in the front seat.
    Gotta decide which seat."

    Why don't you walk for a change... the middle of the road and spare us some headache? :)