Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thor - 2011

So, yet another guy in tights walking out of Marvel Studios. Whats in that? There is.

Thor - The God of Thunder is the origin story of Thor saying What Thor is made of.

Thor after a fight with his father loses his godly powers, Mjolhnir his source-of-power hammer and his home, Asgard. He is thrown to the realm of puny little beings called Earth. The story is whether he regains his Mjohlnir, gets a girl, ass kick some minions, smooch the girlhard before climax fight and returns home with a Bang!. Though you may know the answer its worthy to spend money on it.

Chris Hemsworth - Ladies, Check out! He is the man.
Natalie Portman -   On screen just for us guys to look at and give a smooch to the Hero and for few funny scenes, surprisingly.

Yes, the movie had few funny moments sprinkled upon it. It brought some smiles and laughs in the theater. It makes you sit through the movie and enjoy.At some point, when Thor wields his hammer and suddenly a bolt of thunder streaks from the sky upon him, I nail bitingly expected/wanted him to proclaim loudly like, 'I am Thor, The God of Thunder'. It didn't. God! The Indian masala mind at its play.

And Graphics, of course. They had some intense graphics sequences as you can imagine and they were fantastic, of course! The graphics had the depth and existence on the screen. Especially when they movie around the space, you will feel like traveling in space. If this is for my 2D experience, imagine the 3D. Yup, I went for a 2D version. I can't afford 3D in PVR Bangalore parting with easily Rs.750. Whaddaya Think?
So, Thor is not a some excellent movie. It is quite an enjoyable movie.
Thor - The Grand Entertainer
People watch this movie, Captain America and Green Lantern to get ready for the 'Avengers' Next year.


  1. This film not only represented, but represents to this day, the very best of what it means to be a sci-fi epic. Though revolutionary in the realm of special effects, groundbreaking in other areas and breathtakingly creative, it does not rely solely on its original themes or new quirks to achieve acclaim, as many "good" sci-fi films do. This film, combines the best of science fiction with a story and a spirit that has meaning-- an underdog struggle, a coming of age tale, a morality play, behind an incredibly rich backdrop and a timeless cast of characters that fits it perfectly.

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